Why should you select an Accredited Land Consultant

to represent your real estate investments?


As buyer or seller in today’s complex real estate market, you need a professional who will provide you with up-to-date knowledge, a variety of real estate services and ethical practices. In short, you need to rely on a leader in land brokerage – a real estate professional who holds the esteemed Accredited Land Consultant (ALC) designation. This designated member of the REALTORS is part of the largest trade organization in the world. The REALTORS Land Institute is recognized as the premiere land real estate organization and has been serving the nation’s land real estate professionals and their clients for over 50 years. If your investment plans include the purchase, sale or exchange of land, the most valuable decision you can make is working with an Accredited Land Consultant. Here are some of the benefits you will receive when working with an Accredited Land Consultant.

Why Choose An Accredited Land Consultant

Peace of Mind – Because you have selected an Accredited Land Consultant Who specializes in land, you will gain peace of mind knowing that the largest investment you may ever make is in skilled and experienced hands.

Nationwide Referral System – If you are looking for just the right property or are selling your property, an Accredited Land Consultant has a network of land specialists throughout the United States.

Highest and Best Land Use Advice – Your Accredited Land Consultant can advise you on the highest and best use for your property. This way you won’t overlook any possibilities for your property, which could make it more valuable and command a higher selling price.

Tax Benefits and Savings Information – Accredited Land Consultants are experienced and knowledgeable about today’s complex tax laws and regulations. Your Accredited Land Consultant can work with your accountant and attorney to make sure you benefit from any tax savings from the sale or purchase of your property, including tax deferred exchanging techniques.

Land Investment Knowledge – A knowledgeable Accredited Land Consultant, who has had extensive experience and up-to date training, can advise you about the best investment strategies for your particular situation.

Investment options – Because of the broad range of experience Accredited Land Consultants have, they are able to work with you to help select your very best options for your personal and business property investments.

Governmental Regulations Information Affecting Land Sales/Purchases – The Accredited Land Consultant can advise you about laws and regulations which may affect the purchase or sale of land.

Ethical Representation of Your Investment Interest – The Accredited Land Consultants diverse real estate experience and knowledge provide you with options that may help to increase your income and maximize the return from your land investment(s).

Return on your Land Investment – The Accredited Land Consultant’s diverse real estate experience and knowledge provide you with options that may help to increase your income and maximize the return from your land investment(s). An Accredited Land Consultant offers you…knowledge about current tax laws, financial data and assistance advice about specific land parcels nationwide contacts state, regional and national marketing sessions real estate planning and consulting facts about your area’s property market, current details about land management, and sales investment opportunities and analysis property valuation information about exchanging properties integrity, experience and education methods to achieve your objectives ways to safe guard your property interests experienced action on your behalf data about crops, soils and agriland real estate specialties, such as timberland, recreation properties and development land details concerning the agricultural and urban markets qualified buyers, sellers and exchangers land-value information coordination with your attorney, accountant, manager or lender ethical real estate practice up to date facts and trends that effect real estate knowledge about land-related contracts a first class national RLI referral network professional real estate service expertise that’s only a phone call away.